Gluten Free Products

Kikkoman Gluten Free On The Go Soy Sauce Packet

Kikkoman’s Gluten Free Soy Sauce “On-the-Go” Packets. THESE ARE THE BOMBDIGGITY. Be careful when shopping, however, as Kikkoman makes a wide variety of different soy sauces and it’s easy to pick up the wrong one.

Gillian's Foods Gluten Free Original Breadcrumbs

Gillian’s Foods Gluten Free Bread Crumbs. The BEST GF breadcrumbs on the market with only rice flour, water, yeast, salt, and cane sugar in their ingredients.

Vermont Maple Farm Pancake Syrup

Vermont Maple Syrup, 3.4 Oz Plastic Jug by the Vermont Maple Farm. If you have to go for a pancake or french toast occasionally, then this is pure and easy to tote with you. 🙂

San Gennaro Polenta Gluten Free Sage Favorite Products

Traditional Polenta (corn grits) from San Gennaro Foods. This comes pre-cooked, so it’s ready to eat and serve—perfect for the self-professed “short order” cooks like myself!

Amys Organic Refried Black Beans Gluten Free

Amys Kitchen: Refried Black Beans. There’s a super duper variety of products I love by Amy’s. I use these in my Black Bean Burgers.

favorite gluten free products cello whisps crackers

Cello Whisps Parmesan cheese crisps. A simple cracker, but with “real food” ingredients—baked parmesan cheese. That’s it! They’re perfect for a simple, healthy snack or you can add them to meal for a little extra somethin’.

Bell & Evans Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

Bell & Evans GF Breaded Chicken Nuggets. These nuggets aren’t completely pure since they contain Xanthan gum, but they’re great for game night, or when you need an easy meal for the kiddos. You can even turn them into Chicken Parm with a lil’ Rao’s Italian Marinara! Mmm good! 🙂

favorite gluten free products primal palate organic spices

My sister Liz sent me this beautiful gift of delicious organic spices from Primal Palate. She is one of the best—and healthiest—cooks I know. She also has celiac and knows how to give foods some serious pizazz!!!

trader joe's cauliflower crust favorite gluten free products

Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Pizza Crust. You may be wondering if there’s any way that a gluten-free cauliflower crust pizza could offer a delicious alternative to the crisp-crusted original version, and the answer is YES!

favorite gluten free products mr. roberts chocolates

There are many chocolate spots in my town, but Mr. Roberts Chocolates is tops! It’s been there for over 20 years. These delicious orange slices dipped in dark chocolate are gluten free and every once and awhile I pick some up for a family treat!