Dinner En Pointe

When the weekend arrives, I’m ready to get down to business. The business of recharging! High standards for cold drinks and healthy, gluten free goodness is where I’m heading, and sitting outside on the Pointe is dreamy, fun and makes me happy. Come to think of it, it’s my happiest hour.

Any time you can simply make an ordinary Friday cocktail hour feel like a vacation, do it!

It’s easy for me since I live in South Florida. But for those of you who don’t live near the water or can eat outside in February, Business Insider has a fun article that lists 8 other ways you can make every day feel like vacation.

You say to yourself 5:00 pm was an hour ago and the time has come. Now we’re flawlessly launching into the weekend! The weather is impeccable, the sun starts to set, and—in as little time as possible—you put together a superb display of all your favorite things to eat!

I recently read the November issue of Coastal Living and the hot-off-the-press premiere issue of The Magnolia Journal, and am so inspired by the photos, descriptions and examples of Charcuterie boards among the pages of both magazines. I became completely psyched to make my own tiny, personal best version of one. A treasure trove of wonderful things! Oh yes… and delicious Italian sausage.

Charcuterie refers to “lots of meats”, but on my board there was just one: Italian Sausage. Then we added these following ingredients:

Brie, grapes, pecans, honey roasted almonds, pistachios, strawberries, blackberries, zesty sriracha carrot hummus, sliced Natural Delights almond date rolls, dark chocolate covered orange, and pineapple slices.

My Charcuterie was basically dinner since there was a lot to choose from; such a diversity of choices and a symphony of flavors. I used a tiny colander and some small bowls to keep things separate, but mixing it up for a large group would make it even more beautiful.

I for one, could’ve skipped the next meal, so this was accompanied by a very light Sushi dinner two hours later from our local favorite spot.

We couldn’t eat everything, so the next morning I took it outside again, set up the table and sorted the different elements. We nibbled on those accompanied by coffee, sunny side up eggs and warm sausages. It worked because of all the fresh fruit, and the nuts are a great protein bump at any meal.

I plan on making this gluten free Charcuterie again soon. All the colors, textures, different shapes, sizes and weights… It’s art you can taste!