Flounder with Cello Whisps

My Flounder with Cello Whisps recipe is incredibly fast and easy when you’re looking for something light, lean, low-carb and gluten free—and don’t want to spend a lot of prep time in the kitchen.

flourishing flounder with cello whisps gluten free low carb recipe dinnerIngredients:

1 sweet onion
1 tbsp olive oil2 flounder fillets
2 handfuls fresh spinach
1 lime
Cello Whisps (Parmesan crisps)
Tartar sauce (optional)

On medium-high heat, sautée one sweet onion in a tablespoon of olive oil and add flounder fillets. Let onions soften while cooking flounder evenly on both sides. It takes no time to cook flounder because its so thin. Be your own judge, depending on your pan and type of stove. I use a gas stove, so mine times out around 5 minutes.

Once the onions and flounder are about done, add 2 handfuls of fresh spinach and place on a serving platter. Add Cello Whisps to the top. You can use any brand but these are my favorite!

Serve with a side of tartar sauce and lime and complementary veggie of your choice. Done!