Fist Pump Breakfast

We didn’t win the Powerball, but I did fix the garbage disposal by myself this week, so we decided to make a special breakfast to celebrate the Win! (Not having to pay a plumber… 🙂 )

Fist Pump Breakfast Ruth Chris Steak Low Carb Gluten FreeThis Fist Pump Breakfast was basically leftovers… with a “jeuge”! We had gone to Ruth’s Chris on Friday as a celebration of a ridiculously hard work week for my husband. Ruth’s Chris is a super place to go if you are gluten free and don’t want attention drawn to that fact that you are—which gets tiresome to explain after awhile. There are lots of choices at Ruth’s too, and I personally love it because it’s a simple “salad and steak” for me. Wait staff are really too busy kickin’ butt to worry if I get croutons on my salad.

Anyway, we were grateful to have leftover steak for breakfast, and I felt inspired!

I reheated the steak and fried two eggs, but the thing that made it worthy of a Fist Pump was the polenta and sliced avocado—topped with shredded mozzarella cheese—and the fresh-squeezed Valencia orange juice from oranges from our tree.

Fist Pump Breakfast Ruth Chris Steak Low Carb Gluten FreeThe San Gennaro Traditional Italian Polenta was in the fridge—leftover from Christmas Eve. Polenta is “grits,” just more expensive. Almost triple the price! So honestly, just buy grits unless you’re going for quick and easy. It really is deeeelicious, easy to make, and lasts a long time. If you live in a cold place like Michigan or Colorado, or really anywhere and you have a busy family, it might be nice to keep around when you’re short on time but still want something wholesome. If you eat a small serving with some eggs, it’s a low carb breakfast! This polenta is meant to be sliced, which is why it’s so wonderfully easy. I sautéed ours in a little olive oil, then topped it off with the cheese and avocado!