Feeling Pretty Zen

By Jet Widick

Time to take a break 
Your peace of mind at stake 
Working really hard 
Remember… there’s flowers in your yard 
Love talking with your kids 
The friends you’re hangin’ with 
Watching an entire movie 
Heading to the park that’s super groovy 
Hiking in the sun 
Walking, maybe run 
Feeling peaceful as a dove 
Seeing all I’m thankful of 
Saying Love You to anyone 
That’s just how it’s done 
Life is really short 
Only kindness will I court 
Feeling pretty Zen 
Let’s do this soon again

Sometimes you just need to take a break. Forget the papers on your desk for a little bit. They’ll be there Monday morning. Working hard is rewarding, but a 36 to 48 hour break will give you the reboot you need. It’s crucial to future productivity and peace.

This weekend was my respite. No airports. No errand running. The only miles I put into this weekend was at Wakadohatchee Wetlands with Mark—with all of its fantastic wildlife (blue herons, marsh rabbits, alligators, rosiette spoonbills, etc.).

We also saw The Revenant (gorgeous cinematography) and Casablanca (classic intrigue); each film with a touching philosophy that helped me escape for a two hour stretch… twice!

Then it was dinner at a friend’s—where interestingly everyone was the same age and at the same
point in their lives—which was heartwarming. The food was delicious, and was all made by Leslie and Mike with care and love. They made it look effortless (a heart’s astonishment). It always amazes me how much time and attention goes into a gathering like this: all of us around a big table, in their beautiful home, that they worked so hard to build, sharing stories of our grown children and
recent trips we’ve all taken.

It was a Zen(gine) weekend that gave me the space I needed to reflect—and feel very blessed.