Enhance with Veggies

When I’m famished, I love coming home with an arm full of fresh foods to prepare from the market. I also love working in an immaculate kitchen with an impeccably clean counter space. I’ve got a lot of chopping to do, and am ready to get down to business! Especially if it’s a meal enhanced with a variety of veggies.

Usually I’m a Ribeye and Cabernet, Burgers and Bourbon, Meatballs with Anything—any day of the week—type of girl. But lately I’ve been preparing a lot of meals with vegetables. By themselves or as an enhancement to any meal, vegetables are what make me feel good! They are full of vitamins and are almost the perfect food by themselves.

Spinach omelets rock. Sun dried tomatoes and sweet onions as a side dish. Lettuce wrapped everything!

Our animal loving friends Jim Abernethy and Lori have recently piqued our interest in vegetarian cuisine. All four of us love Mexican food, so veggie tacos is what we served up for our weekend get together! Sautéed veggies—topped with fresh lettuce, salsa, cheese and avocados—in your favorite taco shell makes everyone happy. 😃 We had five guests, all of whom had amazing stories that I did not want to miss by spending my time in the kitchen. I fired up the crock pot, made Sangria (with peaches, oranges and lemons) and started chopping up the veggies for the tacos: red onions, peppers of all colors, button mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. I placed them in a pan with a little olive oil and butter and sauteed until soft. After caramelization, I added the vegetables to the crock pot, set out the shells and toppings, and sat down to hear about everyone’s beautiful adventures… shark diving, alligator photography, base jumping, wing pilot, photo shoots… can you believe it?!

shark diving enhance with veggies mark widick

I love not risking a special gathering at a place that might be too busy, too loud—or worse—has a surly waiter. I’ve had lots of great wait staff that make the night, but that’s not always the case. Plus, entertaining friends and loved ones in our home is one of my favorite things to do. We can go outside by the water—and we did—since the SpaceX launch three hours away could be seen from our backyard! Amazing.