Effortless Efficiency

Friday was a day when I just went with the flow and worked and played simultaneously. I love these kind of days where you walk and walk—all the while getting a great workout—but at the same time make lists in your mind, plan your next week, reassess your goals and prioritize what’s important to you for the days ahead. Usually I’m steadfast in my plan that my hike is a Let-Cares-Fall-Off-Your-Shoulders hike, or a Let-The-Trees-Whisper walk. But Friday was a Make-Big-Plans exploration, and it was effortlessly efficient.

A work walk. A strategizing hike. A goal-centered outdoor session. I love this. It refreshes, energizes, and gets me ready to work some more when I walk into my “home and office.”

working from home braid creative effortless efficiency

Next on the list after the hike was proper nourishment—which was much needed. I had the chief of all gluten-free knowing waiters, Ben at Racks in Boca Raton, who helped me order a completely GF lunch and is educated on celiac. I had a salad with orange slices and avocado, lemon poppy seed vinaigrette and lump crab. I also ordered a few oysters. So simple… just one ingredient! He knew the drill and did a superb job—all with effortless efficiency. Ben, you could be a nutritionist with your treasure trove of food wisdom. Thank you for keeping me out of trouble! ☺

When we go with the flow of our life instead of against it, our life runs more smoothly, and progresses more quickly. I completed my outing with an injection of good vibes and positivity and now I’m ready to work away—one step closer to the optimal and desired outcome of productivity, health, strength and peace.

It was honestly the BEST conditions for a smooth weekend and I’m grateful to be able to feed my body and nourish my soul with a beautiful and productive hike outdoors, and a waiter who gave a hoot to make sure my food kept me well and feelin’ good! Ohhhhh… And I saw Burrowing Owls on my walk and they were noble and precious. They stared right into my soul with their Solid Gold eyes as if to say, “Don’t worry. We got this, Jet.”