Favorite Fall Kitchen Staples

There’s no elaborate plan necessary for easy vegetarian meals and snacks. And once you’re stocked, you’re golden. There are all sorts of varieties and SO many ways to eat them, it never gets old!

Vegetables are incredibly healthy and low in calories. They taste best—and usually cost less—when you buy them in season, but frozen veggies are also a good option.

Fall is a great time of year for fresh vegetables like cabbage, carrots, celery, Brussels sprouts, kale and cauliflower.

Cauliflower is inspiring me this season and has a starring role in my kitchen! I’ve been roasting it, steaming it, and simply breaking it for crudités. It can brighten up any dish! Add a touch of red onion, sliced zucchini and maybe some butter to some roasted cauliflower and mmmm…. Heaven.

easy vegetarian meals gluten free recipe corn roasted cauliflower red onions

Trader Joe’s makes riced cauliflower now, too. I tried it recently and it was a FANTASTIC low-carb substitute for white rice. If you don’t have a TJ’s in your neck of the woods, then this article from USA Today tests two different homemade versions: one using a food processor and one with a cheese grater. I’m planning on making my own soon, but they give a hard sell for the pre-prepared frozen kind!

Trusty go-to vegetables like carrots and celery in a soup makes the whole house smell like fresh goodness. Toss in some cilantro and it’s a homey dreamland. As you open the front door, the whole yard is engulfed with the smell of what’s simmering for dinner.

Healthy gluten-free dips and condiments like hummus, almond butter, salsa, pesto, and greek yogurt n’ chives all go GREAT with veggies.

A California carrot dipped in smoked paprika and sweet onion hummus, or a cucumber slice in blue cheese dressing goes well with an ice tea for lunch, or with a pre-dinner cocktail.

If low-cal is your modus operandi, then head straight for the source and go for the Sweet Corn on the Cob sprinkled with sea salt, and it’s almost a meal. 

The crunch of a carrot, the coolness of the cucumber, the wholesome comfort of cauliflower, and the fact that corn could taste as good as any corn tortilla chip, makes me think I’ll add some guacamole to my corn on the cob for dinner tonight! 😀

What Fall vegetable is inspiring you in the kitchen? Sustainabletable.org is a great online seasonal food guide that can help you find what’s in season in your area.