Earth Mother

Whenever I make an extra special meal for someone that inspires me, I think of our friend Scott who recently passed away. He loved the dinner parties we would have and appreciated them a lot. One time—after an especially fun feast of loving friends and a heart warming meal—he came to the kitchen to say goodbye to me and said, “You are an Earth Mother. Thank you for dinner.” I had never heard the term before, but tucked it in my back pocket and remember it anytime I’m making an exceptionally good meal for the people I love.

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Earth Mother
by Jet
From the day I met you I could feel your calm
A life well lived, a quiet charm
Lover of science and this Planet’s virtue
An Explorer of Space and the Deep Ocean’s Blue
You knew how to give a spiritual lift
This may have been one of your strongest gifts
There will never be another
I’ll always remember you called me “Earth Mother”

Simple definition of Earth Mother from Merriam Webster:
A woman who takes care of other people and has qualities that are associated with being a mother in a traditional culture where people live in a simple and natural way.