Gluten Free Fare with Modern Flair

Every once and awhile it happens. The planets align. Peace, harmony, quality, elegance and gluten free all together at once.

I’m talking about Dorsia, a one of a kind, family-owned Italian restaurant. Nothing says Italian food like pasta, however Dorsia isn’t your typical neighborhood Italian bistro. This little gem serves up gluten free fare with modern flair—presented in just the right lighting, by the loveliest servers, with the perfect combination of flavors. Thank you Dorsia for raising the bar, then clearing it!

You arrive. You’re hungry, but not starving. You don’t have to wait. A corner table awaits you and they have your favorite beverage.

They care about the presentation of every detail without being too fancy. It’s the mastery of casual elegance.

First off, chilled beverages, fresh olives, and then… it happened. Braised pear with broiled blue cheese, walnuts and cranberries. Filet mignon, so tender. A tiny bit of gluten free pasta with marinara and shaved Parmesan. Their house salad wasn’t ordinary either. And the tartufo and espresso were the perfect ending to this exquisite dinner.

If your goal was to impress
Then you achieved success
Quality not quantity
Just right for me
Delightful is your specialty
Thank you for your brilliancy!

There was a lot to celebrate, too. It’s Sage’s first birthday, the holiday season, and I’m always, always grateful for good health.

Thank you Dorsia for exceeding my imagination, expectations, and being absolutely extraordinary!