DENT the Future

In a few days, I’ll be leaving for Sun Valley to present at DENT, a conference and community for entrepreneurs, executives and creatives who are driven to “put a dent in the universe.” This will be my second year in attendance.

DENT is incredibly special to me. For one, I met a treasure trove of amazing people last year that I continue to stay in touch with and am excited to see again: Jason Preston, Cady Coleman, Ellen Leanse, Chris Morrow, and so many more impressive folks. And the other main reason is because of DENT co-founder Steve Broback.

I met Steve last winter when he came to Florida for a DENT photography mission of sorts. Gluten Free Sage was four months old during that weekend meetup.

My husband shoots NASA/Neemo photography and was part of that spontaneous meet-up, while I thought of myself as simply the short order chef to last-minute weekend plans.

I was standing at my kitchen counter preparing lunch for our house guests when Steve learned of my Celiac and asked about Gluten Free Sage. He explained to me—in that Eureka Moment—that what I was doing with Sage is thought leadership.

It was that “A-ha!” when I switched my focus from short-order cook to an engaging conversation about people who move and inspire others—and who turn ideas into reality.

Once you meet Steve, you quickly get how someone can become instant friends with this charismatic person. It also helped that he had a very real understanding of Celiac Disease because his wife Vickie has it. He understood my mission for Gluten Free Sage is REAL.

It was important for someone like Steve to believe in the Sage mission. He was helpful and inspiring and left me with several things to think about.

Steve emailed me an invitation to DENT 2016 and I signed up on the spot.

Didn’t take long to convince me! Sun Valley is visually spectacular and a draw in its own right for its zen atmosphere and the peace it brings. However, regardless of this gorgeous location, DENT is a community and experience. It’s a place where people connect and learn from each other, and become better equipped to succeed at their own effort. The speeches were smart and the intriguing dinner conversations inspired me to take my goals even further.


I’m super excited to return this year to speak, to host a gluten-free dinner for other attendees, and to once again explore what it takes to put a Dent in the Universe. Last year was a BIG source of inspiration that changed the course of my year. I’m grateful for the many levels of serendipity and guidance from the incredible people that brought me there.

Can’t wait to see you all again soon!