Delicious Citrus

When I first moved to Florida, my father-in-law Fritz used to eat fresh grapefruit from his backyard over the sink. It’s such a good memory of him—that and his love for peanut butter and jelly. Instead of wasting time going out, he’d rather be sailing on his sailboat, The Guffey. We have a spot in our home that just belongs to him. A shrine of sorts. It’s where we keep his old NASA hard hat, desk name tag, photos and other special stuff of his. We were just crazy about him.

He had this massive grapefruit tree that the entire family thought was palatial. I knew it was epic because of the way he loved it. He would bring us bags of fruit—like we were feeding an army. That’s when I had my first grapefruit juice and vodka. It wasn’t until I had my own fruit tree full of key limes did I truly understand. There’s just something about fruit from your own yard. It tastes better.

delicious citrus grapefruit lemons gluten free sageBeautiful bowl of citrus from our yard (pink lemons, ruby red grapefruit, key limes)

All you have to do is walk outside, and the most fragrant scents engulf you. The blossoms on the citrus trees are so lovely before they turn into fruit. Then—when the fruit appears—its a key lime pie, mimosas, or just deeeelicious fresh squeezed orange juice!

It’s amazing what’s available now. There’s all kinds of miniature fruit trees for condo living, and apartment dwellers have whole herb gardens on their balconies. Things are dramatically changing. Gardens on rooftops and urban greenhouses… There’s a little somethin’ for everyone. 🍋