Creating Things I Love

After a fulfilling and fun four years, I have made the decision to transition my writing to poetry. I have loved every second of Gluten Free Sage and am incredibly grateful, as this is what opened me to writing and creating things I love in the first place.

As I wind down from writing about a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle and celiac awareness—which is timeless information—I’m simplifying even more and narrowing my focus.

The concept for Gluten Free Sage began on my journey for self-love and care, which took me down the path of inspiration, beginning with healthy eating through the gluten-free diet and other life hacks that can be found throughout the website. My finding and keeping pure wellness is what gets me out of bed each morning lovin’ life. It taught me that if you stick to your roots and follow your soul, then magic happens.

Most of the time I was courageous in these endeavors—with a few bumps in the road here and there—but I went with the flow and gave it 100%. These healthful preachings and gluten-free teachings, first lights and poem delights I shared over the years hopefully cheered up your day, or even better, inspired you to find helpful tips to live the healthy life that you’ve been searching for, too.

I’m going to sign off with this last post and one final book made up of some of my favorite poems from the last year. They’re the kind that fall off your pen or make you sit straight up in the middle of the night. The ones you write when you feel safe and someone is sleeping nearby and you can hear them quietly breathing, or just the right amount of light and balance of color.

There are many of these poems I dearly love, but if I had to choose, Sticking Up For You from Sage Spirit, Your Home and Golden Soul Coalition from Sage Words, a few from Soul Pilot (especially the last one), Earth Mother and Water from White Wild Indigo, and now the poetry that makes up 22 Things has me feeling like a lucky ace. High standards made it happen. And when two people have high stanz, then things become even more beautiful.

I literally cannot believe Kristen and I pulled off one more creative project that we made together with love and peace. It pleases me beyond words to know this was possible.

22 Things is my fourth book of poems and features themes and topics around self-love, acceptance, and appreciating the details that turn an ordinary moment into the extraordinary; encouraging us to reflect on what brings us joy and to remove ourselves from the distractions that take us away from the vital things that mean the most to us and bring lasting happiness and fulfillment.

Who knows? Maybe someday I’ll open a restaurant or write another book, but life isn’t only about working hard. Slow living and Summer are calling me in big way right now. Kristen and I both love life too much to work over our computers this much day in and day out. We’ve been at it nonstop for 4 years. I’m still going to write for me, but I’ll be spending most of my time outdoors, doing physical work, and—as my best inspiration calls it—maintenance, which we all know takes a lot of precision and attention.

Living a healthful life are my daily steps, with a major focus on maintaining wellness for my family, as well as personal growth. That plus sunshine and LOVE. Lots and lots of love. It’s the spice of life, after all.

Thank you to Kristen Alden of North Coast Post, my trusty colleague and sidekick. She’s a brilliant, creative genius who was gifted to me by angels. Thank you to my family for all their support, and especially Momma Annabelle who liked everything I wrote, LOL. A jewel.

And thank YOU for giving me purpose and a reason for creating things I love.

Please have a beautiful, healthy life, drink water, get adequate sleep, and choose well so you too can stay open to inspiration. When it comes to foods, eat the things to keep you healthy and give you an energy buzz that won’t quit on you. Stay strong and spirited. Be yourself. Do the things you love with your whole heart. Gratitude ev-er-y day.

There’s only one you.

I love you,


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