I had do idea Ciroc was Ciroc and that it would rock my socks!

I’ve been such a loyal Woodford girl that I almost missed out on this delicious spirit. On a recent business trip we heard all about it from a friend’s wife who also has celiac. It’s her favorite drink. I tried it when we returned home and it’s smooth and sweet and made from French Grapes. So coming from someone who also thinks Evian is the only water to drink besides tap water, then this makes perfect sense. 😉

Yes, you’ll hear that Vodka is okay to drink if you’re gluten-free because of the distillation process. For example, this article from Scientific American says that distilled spirits, because of the heating process, should contain no detectable gluten residues or gluten peptide residue.

I say, listen to your body. All bodies are not created equal and some of us are more sensitive than others. Vodka always made me sick (Grey Goose, for example), but now that I’ve found Tito’s—and Ciroc—I can enjoy it again.

I like to keep things simple, so no flavors, juices, or mixes for me. Just on the rocks. I did pick up some fresh Blue Cheese-Stuffed Olives from the deli at Joseph’s Italian Market for Mark to put in his. The stuffed olives add extra flavor and cloudiness to the Ciroc, but doesn’t mask its subtle flavor—a perfect complement and garnish!