Choose Your Own Adventure

Did you see the moon the weekend of November 13-14?! It was a larger than average “supermoon” and the closest full moon in 68 years, as well as the largest full moon in 86 years. Complete goose bumps!

There will be another supermoon again on December 14, but not as large as the one a couple of weeks ago. It’s ok if you missed it. The next one is still going to be Storybook and a sight to behold.

Anybody can make their life Storybook or Textbook. You choose your own adventure!

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure book series from the 1980s and ’90s where you, as the reader, assumed the role of the main character and made choices that determine your actions and the plot’s outcome? Choosing your own adventure is fun in a storybook! And yes, you can take part in your own real life adventure and become the hero of your story.

It doesn’t matter where you grew up, your background, or really any stack of reasons. You get to choose if your past was a great one and you want to keep building amazing memories, or—if it wasn’t—what you can do to change things so that your future is as big and bright as a supermoon!

Positivity, peace and purity don’t choose you. It’s an actual conscious decision, and it can lead you to a storybook life. You decide.

I went to a conference in Miami the weekend of the November supermoon. Miami is gorgeous, diverse, architecturally inviting and sunshine beams from every corner. Everyone has a story, and Miami simply brings it out. Its lush, lengthy beaches attract many kinds of people with endless individual uniqueness. It’s apparent the minute you arrive until you cross the Rickenbacker Causeway home.

This particular conference always impresses me because it’s full of people who have worked their entire lives taking care of others. Hard work is all around me all the time, but taking care of the sick and doing life changing surgeries is next level. Being responsible for another’s well being, health and safety is monumental, and these professionals must follow textbooks which in turn helps others write the outcome of their storybooks.

Our stories come from a lifetime of doing, being and living, and depend on our own individual circumstances.

Both my newest friend and one of my oldest friends were my main companions throughout the weekend. They couldn’t be more different, yet so much the same. They shined bright and shared their life lessons, positives and negatives, and I absorbed all of it. They are soldiers doing the best they can and I admire both of them. No matter what life throws their way, they bounce and are strong and have a Chin Up Buttercup attitude that I dearly love. Hard workers and soft souls. Their stories were interesting, and I was interested.

Tony Robbins asks, “What do you believe about your lot in life? Are those beliefs empowering you or preventing you from living a happy, fulfilled life?”

If you continue to tell yourself the same story, it will continue to be true. But when you change your story, you can change your life. What stories are you telling yourself and how are they affecting your life?

We can’t change the past.

We can, however, change the present and future by taking control of our mind and actions. And what we do with our past experience is more important than the past itself.

The rules of the Choose Your Own Adventure storybooks are pretty straightforward. You make the choices to guide the plot.

Every few pages, you have to make a critical decision on how to proceed.

There are many different paths for our stories to take. The beauty is that we get to choose an ending for each of the paths, and making the right choices leads us to the best ending.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”
– Galatians 6:9

A supermoon’s pull of gravity creates higher-than-usual tides, and this particular weekend the gravitational forces of all the thoughtful and inspiring people in this lovely city drew me into their influence and stories.

The adventure of life is to learn! And I’m grateful for choosing this path. It was a textbook to storybook weekend full of friends, family and the kind of memories that lead to the BEST ending.