I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Two down-to-earth girls making a website fly 
Watch the world unfurl, we’ll help you get by 
We got you. Right by your side 
As you take your Celiac life in stride 
Hop on this gluten-free Sage ride   
We saved you a seat—
Let’s get this thing beat!

Thanks to Kristen’s organization and my throwing caution to the wind, GlutenFreeSage.com WORKS. We don’t have any employees. It’s just us. And we’re not in the same office. It’s two satellite offices—each circling the earth at different latitudes and longitudes.

The Earth rotates from the west towards the east as it turns counter-clockwise, however this team is directed clockwise and moving in a forward motion. We are organized as seconds make minutes, and minutes turn into hours. Our days turn to weeks as we make plans, create, write, and set goals.

The number one secret to our success is we are LOVING what we do. It’s important for us to contribute, help, inspire, teach and reach. Any way we can to point you in the direction of health and peace, then we will for sure try!

Celiac disease affects such a large part of the population. Many people don’t know they have it. It’s often a silent illness that creeps up on you like a tornado out of nowhere.

No weatherman—and sometimes hardly even a doctor—can predict it.

Our goal is to help raise your awareness of and around the illness and to do our BEST to help you reset your compass to True North so you can feel amazing again. Let us inspire you to get to kicking your heels together again. Like, let’s walk four miles freakin’ fantastic!

Once you figure out that Celiac Disease got you, then YOU have to get you. You’ll need to find a workout buddy and get strong. A support system is key. You’ll have to follow proper nutrition for healing your body with lots of lean protein and healthy veggies. Stay away from processed gluten-free foods; especially the GF replacement breads and desserts. Know your body and how it reacts when you do eat them. And if you can handle it with no setbacks, then it’s probably okay for an occasional treat.

You can feel incredible if you do this!

I know the inclination is to go for the gluten-free replacements. I’ve been there, done that, and can truly say skip that hassle. It’s not worth it. Eat clean every beautiful day from the moment you wake up til your head hits the pillow.

We would LOVE for you to feel free, and well, and like your true self again. To exercise easily. To build your strength and wake up feeling strong and inspired. To gently fall asleep with wellness; not exhausted from the setbacks that Celiac can sometimes try to bully you with.

As soon as I stopped those daily gluten free replacements (which are mostly refined carbs, a.k.a. sugar) is when I really got healthy. The whole foods I ate instead gave me a serious boost, and exercising daily sent me over the moon.

There’s no better time to start than now.

Time doesn’t stop to give you that perfect moment to get healthy, travel the world, start a family, make the leap, or do something daring.
Sage will stick by your side with little inspirational stories and tidbits form our hearts. I know most of you have been unwell for a long time, but those days can be over if you’re willing to give it your all. Like a full moon, you’ll beam bright and light up any dark sky, or simply your own life!
You can find more inspiration, feel-good articles, insight and expertise on SheSavvy. We’re also on this site and a part of the SheSavvy network because our friend Andy read our posts, BELIEVED in us, and wanted to do his part in helping all of you.
Jet and Kristen