Buddy System

We all have that favorite t-shirt that we love or pair of jeans that fit just right (Levis 501’s from H.S. anyone?) They’re like an old buddy. You can count on them. It’s pure comfort!

I have this white summer dress with small nautical flags on it that looks best when I’m swimming a lot of laps. And now that it’s hot as heck in Florida, I’m pretty much doing only laps and weights for exercise. For a little bit longer I’ll be able to squeeze in some evening walks, and before sunset tonight I’ll hit-up the 3 mile bird trail, but now that it’s June… I’m back in Swim Mode! Every day the water is the perfect temperature. 

My key to success with swimming (and really my strengthening) is the Buddy System. Knowing that someone else knows my goals keeps me on track! I say what I’m trying to hit, and now I’m REALLY responsible.

Experts say that weight-loss and exercise partners provide a healthy combination of competition, accountability and support that almost always ensures success. According to Michelle P. Maidenberg, PhD, your workout pal doesn’t have to be your spouse or best friend, but he or she has to be someone you like and whom you wouldn’t want to disappoint. If you feel like you have a responsibility and commitment toward another person, you are more likely to follow through on that commitment. (Experience Life, July/August 2012)

buddy system exercise partner accountability success

All I need is the lap counter, my good goggles, the right swimsuit and a pool! I am grateful for where I live, as in South Florida everyone has access to a pool. The local university has an amazing swim program and there are club pools, too. I’m back at 70 laps again and pretty soon I’ll be at 120, which is where I was everyday before I went on the big hiking trip to Vancouver where I surprised myself by how much my swimming conditioning helped me keep up with everyone on the Vancouver and Squamish Trails. Little by little… stronger and stronger. 💙💙

Get yourself a buddy and state your goals too. It’s a game changer.