Breakfast Foods

Breakfast foods
Get me in good moods
Start the day
off the right way
Steaming coffee in a cup
Eggs are best sunny side up
Let’s get breakfast—you say yup
Hop in the truck and giddy up
In a dash we get some hash
Try a little potatoes mash
There’s a ‘lil bacon in your stash
It’s over too quick… in a flash
I’ll never forget our breakfast bash

Flakowitz Diner Boca Raton Restaurant Breakfast Foods poem by Jet Widick

We really love to make our own breakfast, which is mostly eggs, veggies, and meats. But if we want a break, we go to a place we all call the “Flak“—short for Flakowitz. They have murals of NYC on the walls that are fun to dissect because of their hidden meanings. Delish omelets and nice people. They made a huge holiday thank you tray of all their baked goods for my husband’s work place and everyone gobbled it up. Things I can’t eat—but for the ones that are interested—they have marble cake and rugelach… a traditional Jewish pastry (croissant). Everyone wanted more! Their coffee is the real deal too.