My Book!

Sometimes you have to quietly talk yourself into things. Or lightly pinch yourself. Give yourself a little self kindness boost and an earthy dimension to your day. This moment is REAL.

I have a personal story to share. About a year ago, my son Doug reminded me that I used to write poems about his class every year when he was in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, etc.  I said, “You’re right… I’m the reason you can rhyme!” 🙂 I began—what seemed almost instantaneously—to start writing poems again. I wrote about a poem a day from everything to my husband, summertime, tea, the blind man down the street, to Doug’s bike accident. He had knocked something loose with his suggestion, and a well of simple, grateful poems emerged from within… which is now a book, Sage Words.

poems book sage words spoken word poetry hand lettering illustration lacelit

I’ve learned that when inspiration grabs you, you have to grab it right back! Some days you wake up feeling happy and energized and other times you might not feel so inspired. We all have our ups and downs. That’s life. Maybe you need a soft hike in nature, or to feel the heat from a cup of hot tea so you can clear your space and regroup. You can self-talk yourself up with some sunshine in the mix. A Preach Speech On the Beach. A vacation or a trip… a small sip of destination inspiration so you don’t slip!

When you allow yourself some space for reflection and nourishment, you’re reminded of your lust for life and the humble beauty that surrounds you.

Clearing your mind to make way for creativity takes work to get started. You may have to go somewhere different and mix it up, and you definitely have to be brave. For me, it was the trails of Vancouver. We hiked 4-8 miles a day on the most beautiful trails (which I swam a half-mile a day preparing for the trip). It was exhilarating and I felt strong. I could feel my ideas fairy on my shoulder and was in the perfect place to receive her.

The way you find peace to create is YOU create your peace. Peacefulness isn’t in front of you or next to you. It’s not on your left, or your right. It’s not on your desk or in a text. It’s not behind you as you check your own six. You don’t need to look over your shoulder, because it’s INSIDE you.

Author Elizabeth Gilbert says being afraid, and choosing to do the thing that scares us anyway, is what separates who we are from the version of ourselves we hope most to become.

You’re not perfect, and that’s sure as heck OK! You open the window of your mind to fresh ideas. Embrace those things that allow you to uncover a certain beauty and transcendence in your life that you cannot access in any other way. You know you can’t control the universe. So take the trip, the hike, the walk, the ride, and shake it off. Really leave the fear behind. Then like ESA’s robotic lander Philae, you make a soft landing too. Watch the magic and listen. Feel your muse softly land on your shoulder. And best of all, be bestowed the keys to success. It’s a beautiful thing. And that’s how my book Sage Words came about.

jet widick poems book sage words spoken word poetry hand lettering illustration lacelitI took a trip. I watched and listened to smart people show their creations. I surrounded myself with masters of calm and loveliness. Young and old. They all inspired me. For some, science was their creative platform. It was artful. I looked at designs and gardens and buildings and landscapes differently. I watched musicians and photographers display their hearts. It was their art.

I had poems in my mind 
Swirling around, they rhymed 
I knew it was time to have my art unwind 

So I listened. And I wrote. And I took bigger walks and paid attention. My peace was inside me. Right there. And Sage Words found me.