Bahamas Embrace

One of the benefits of living in Florida is you are just a hop, skip and a jump from the Bahamas. Either a half-day boat ride or a short flight away. If you fly on a local airline in a small 8-seater Seaplane or Cessna Caravan, it’s much like sightseeing instead of a means of transportation as you fly over the glistening turquoise shallow waters.

We were fortunate to have our friends Michael and Nancy welcome us to the Bahamas for a weekend visit with open arms. We went to Man-O-War Cay to take in a little of their island knowledge and a lot of their sweet hospitality. Thank you!!

Our trip began with a flight into Marsh Harbor, and our first stop was the National Museum of the Bahamas in Abaco where our friend Nancy works. She’s a curator of paleontology at the museum and showed us tortoise shells, crocodile fossils and much more. The National Geographic Bahamas Blue Holes August 2010 issue featured these finds!

The highlight of the trip was a hike that we bushwhacked to an actual Blue Hole—with Nancy in the lead. It was an overgrown path, but soooo worth it. Upon our arrival we were completely amazed at the stalactites. They are made of calcium carbonate and looked like icicles dripping from the roof of the Blue Hole. First time seeing such a fascinating site.

After the hike we took a boat ride from Marsh Harbour to Man-O-War with a population of 300-ish of some of the nicest people you could imagine meeting. We went to the Hibiscus Cafe for lunch, and for being such a tiny island, I was pleasantly surprised at their gluten-free options and knowledge. Their fresh grilled Mahi fingers were delicious!

We had many great beach walks, dinner talks and lots of pretty stars at night. We were even able to catch two Bahamas sunrises with pastel colored sunbeams.

Michael could be a stand up comic—he is so funny and quick witted. And Nancy is smart as a whip and a fantastic cook. I taught them about gluten free living and the Paleo diet and they made me laugh. I learned a lot and it was definitely a good time for all. Next time I’m bringing the kids because they’ll LOVE this place and make it even better. It’s close to home, beautiful… and no cell phones!

hospitality is love in action quote by alexander strauch the hospitality commands for gluten free sage

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou