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Poetry has always been an essential part of Jet Widick’s life, but it wasn’t until her celiac diagnosis—after 15 years of living with a mystery illness—when she discovered how emotional strength and good health can open up one’s world to inspiration and desire, both which propel a person into the realm of possibility and shift the way we perceive our own capabilities.

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How This All Came About Right about now, you’re probably rolling your eyes when you see Gluten Free options listed onyour favorite restaurant’s menu. But, not me. Gluten-free isn’t just a fad; it literally saved mylife. From Hollywood diets to Brooklyn bakeries… Gluten free may seem like just a buzzword.But at the beginning of my… Read More

Eggs Benny

Eggs Benny Low Carb No Carb Gluten Free

I have to give credit for this delicious dish to Pier 7, the restaurant at The Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront in Vancouver, BC. I’m all about the low carb / no carb, but if someone can make me a gluten free eggs benny on a vacation, it’s a special treat—and I’m all about it! Plus I hiked 8 miles right after that. 🙂