Approaching Your New GF Diet

When we branch out, take a new path, try a new approach to ANYTHING, we should always expect there will be supporters—and critics. We will be much more confident in our endeavors, choices, and decision making if we can accept that from the beginning.

This goes along with approaching your new gluten-free diet and making the switch. Be prepared to get all kinds of reactions. Some people won’t understand that it’s not a fad you are following, but a true health issue. To garner supporters, know your “topic” well, speak with certainty, and do not worry you are offending someone. It’s a matter of feeling great—or not—from the foods you eat.

Sometimes dining out can be a teachable moment. For example, when in a restaurant if you sense the waiter doesn’t understand why you’re asking, “Is the fish breaded or grilled in the fish tacos?” taking a minute to explain what is, and isn’t, gluten free can help many more people after you as well. Also, learn your audience. They are vast and varied. All levels of intelligence and interest. Some people get it right away, some people don’t. They might be too busy to focus on diet guidelines, or have preconceived ideas. It’s best to just be cool, kind, calm, straight up front, and be FEARLESS when approaching this new diet, dining out, or anything you do!

be truthful gentle and fearless approaching your new gluten free diet

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