I get a lot of my motivation from smart, ambitious people. It’s just the plain truth. But… I’m also motivated from not so ambitious people! Because I don’t want to be like them—I do the opposite.

The smart people are my heart people. They Rock My World with the way they do their art, mother their children, show up, don’t cause drama, fly straight, live right, and exercise.

Accountability Exercise Iphone FitBit Well BeingYes exercise! They have success exercising regularly. They inspire me to take it seriously. My friend Colleen—who is retired—says she treats exercise and sports like a job. She sets a time she’s showing up, and if you’re in she’ll be there. If not, she’s still going so “see ya there”! I like that!

When I think of ways I’m motivated to reach my exercise goals I think of Accountability. You tell someone the number of laps you’re going for and you GO FOR IT. Even if they don’t care if you do 50 or 100, you know that you threw it out there.

The mind set goes like this:

“When you state your goal or plan aloud to someone, you then feel obliged to meet the expectations that you created even though they get nothing out of it, it helps drive you forward.”

— Mark Widick