What Gluten Free Sage is all about:
knowledge, wisdom, strength and power.

  • Finally Knowing you have Celiac disease
  • The Wisdom you gain from your life experiences, lessons, and yes… adversity
  • The Strength you get from being healthy, focused and peaceful
  • The Power to have control of your thoughts, diet, fitness and well being

Walking around with celiac disease or gluten intolerance and not knowing you have it is the equivalent to standing on the center of a seesaw and trying to balance it. You’re upright but you’re not. You never feel right. You have low energy, the inability to focus and feel exhausted.

And you don’t know how bad off you were until you are healthy and strong again.

That’s where the name JET (short for Jeanette) comes in. My kids gave me this nickname once I became healthy and transformed into a new person. It goes with my story of standing tall, living life with strength and taking off with enormous energy and vitality.

Jet Zengine is where I impart all the wisdom I’ve accumulated since being diagnosed 13 years ago. It’s full of my favorite quotes that help and inspire me, the poems I write and overall positive vibes and happy thoughts! I want to educate and delight through photography, poetry, design, inspirational quotes and recipes, as we need to be well and feel inspired to help us become the best, most beautiful versions of ourselves that we can be!

Jet Fuel is the diet that I use to stay healthy and feel great. It’s low carb/no carb, 100% gluten free and mostly fresh meats, eggs and veggies, which is explained in the Jet Fuel section of the site. I have discovered through my illness that there’s a need for education around the gluten-free diet and believe you cannot achieve or maintain wellness eating food that is not healthy.

Jet Rocket is about strength building and posture. It’s my super simple workout routine with tips to slowly build yourself back up once you’re eating healthy and feeling great again. It’s difficult to workout when you are zapped of energy. Once you’re able to work out again, it’s baby steps to feeling invigorated by a workout, instead of knocked out. You can go from walking a mile to finally hiking six miles up a mountain in the Rockies like I did. Really!